FNE at Connecting Cottbus 2023: Resonance

    Resonance by Yordan Petkov Resonance by Yordan Petkov source: coco 2023

    COTTBUS: One of the two Bulgarian projects showcased at the 25th anniversary edition of connecting cottbus (8 – 10 November 2023) is the Bulgarian/Greek coproduction Resonance. The slightly larger of the low budget productions, Resonance has nearly 40 percent of its budget lined up for a summer 2024 shoot.

    Resonance is the debut auteur feature of writer/director Yordan Petkov, produced by the young production companies Portokal and Garti Films. The central character in the intense drama is a back-to-nature hermit who fears the encroachment of modernisation while preparing for the end-of-the-world future. His newest adversary is a public warning system gone awry, piercing the quiet of the village with its howling sirens. He finds an unlikely ally in a young police officer, while faced with intimidation from two older men who unofficially run the town.

    Petkov told the connecting cottbus attendees that the film was “an Eastern,” or a Western with an Eastern sensibility and no clear-cut resolution.

    The film has secured over 290,000 EUR for its 680,000 EUR budget. Partners include Bulgaria’s Portokal (producer Vanya Rainova), Garti Films (producer Victoria Mitreva), development coproducer Rossitsa Valkanova (Klas Film) and coproducer Mina Dreki (Marni Films, Greece).

    The film received development and production support from the Bulgarian National Film Center and mini-slate funding from Creative Europe MEDIA.

    Production Information:

    Portokal (Bulgaria)
    Garti Films (Bulgaria)

    Klas Film (Bulgaria)
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    Marni Films (Greece)

    Director: Yordan Petkov
    Scriptwriter: Yordan Petkov