FESTIVALS: Golden Rython Film Festival 2023 Is Underway in Bulgaria


    PLOVDIV: The 27th Golden Rhyton Festival of Bulgarian Documentary and Animated Film, taking place 14 - 21 December 2023 in the city of Plovdiv, is screening a record number of films in its two official competitions.

    credit: graphic designer Nikolay N. TonkoffOf the 60 films selected for both competitions, 31 documentaries are supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center for production, and two for promotion and distribution. One documentary is produced by the Bulgarian National Television and four documentaries are coproduced by the Bulgarian National Television.

    Three films from the official documentary competition are international coproductions - two with minority Bulgarian participation and one with majority Bulgarian participation.

    Eighteen of the animated films in the competition are supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center and one by the National Culture Fund.

    Along with the two competitions, the parallel Open Horizons programme includes 25 additional works.

    The festival opened on 14 December 2023 with 100 Years Flying Over the Stones, a documentary directed by Stanislava Kalcheva and produced by ARS Ltd  with support from the Municipality of Plovdiv and the Plovdiv Municipal Institute.

    The Golden Rhyton National Film Festival, organised by the Bulgarian National Film Center with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Plovdiv municipality, is the most important public event dedicated to Bulgarian documentary and animated film production.


    1200 Pages of Pain (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Atanas Kiriakov

    Bulgarina Rugby Gods! (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Vasil Varbanov

    Weimar Express (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Milena Fuchedzhieva

    Vaklush (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Nikolay Vasilev

    Vasil Arnaudov –World Conductor (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Georgi Toshev

    Chiselling Words (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Vladimir Borissov

    Georgi Gospodinov in the Shelter of Time (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Pavel G Vesnakov

    Hero of Our Time (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Svetoslav Ovtcharov, Svetla Tsotsorkova

    Flying with Fins (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Maria Averina

    Direct Target - Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Radoslav Iliev

    A Provincial Hospital (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ilian Metev, Ivan Chertov, Zlatina Teneva

    Iron Boys (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stanimir Trifonov

    For the Opportunity to Live (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Pavel Pavlov

    Oblivion (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Zlatimir Kolarov

    Once Upon a Time in Paris (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Andrey Chertov

    Cinema Extremists (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Boya Harizanova

    The Cars We Drove into Capitalism (Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Czeck Republic)
    Directed by Boris Missirkov, Georgi Bogdanov

    Kalata (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stanislava Kalcheva

    Major Thompson – The Unnecessary Hero (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Jesko Davidov

    Morality Is Goodness (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Veselin Dimanov

    My Uncle Luyben (Bulgaria, Germany)
    Directed by Nikola Boshnakov, Georgi Stoev – Jackie

    Bulgarian Muses (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivan Aleksiev

    Our Foreign War (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Rossen Elezov

    Soul Beyond Measure (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Sofia Stoycheva

    No Place for You in Our Town (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Nikolay Stefanov

    Deafening Silence (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stanislav Donchev

    The Tin Soldier (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Kostadin Bonev

    The Avenger (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ralitsa Dimitrova

    Uprooted (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Antoaneta Bachurova, Vladimir Lyutskanov

    Paul and Remi (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Peter Rusev

    The Last Seagull (Finland, Norway, Bulgaria)
    Directed by Tonislav Hristov

    Prevala (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Mihail Mletev

    Roads and Shadows Near the White Nymph Springs (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Mihail Meltev

    Journey to Forgiveness (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Yassen Grigorov

    Attention to Detail (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dessy Tombusheva

    Man Under Surveillance (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimitar Kotzev

    The Savior (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Vladimir Shterianov

    Commitment (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Mihail Venkov

    Theodore Ushev: Unseen Connections (Bulgaria, Canada)
    Directed by Borislav Kolev

    Hala (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Maria Landova


    The Artist (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimitar Dimitrov, Milko Lazarov

    War (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimitar Dimitrov

    Nest (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Nastimir Tzatchev

    Finding Home (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Maria Stanisheva

    The Artist’s Daughter (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Dimitar Dimitrov

    Interior (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivan Vesselinov

    A Boat in the Rain (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Yoanna Atanassova

    To Put It Midly (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Anri Koulev

    Depersonalisation (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Spartak Yordanov

    Oceania (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Stephan Voyvodov

    Reflections (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Nikolay Dimitrov

    In Calm Waters (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Vladmir Shomov

    Flying (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Lolita Nikolova

    Cornucopia (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ani Antonova, Dimitar Ovtcharov

    Trace (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Asparuh Petrov

    Midnight Performance (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Plamen Nikolov

    Centipede (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Vera Ivanova

    Flip (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Ivailo Boliarov

    Florentine Night (Bulgaria)
    Directed by Sotir Gelev