Innocently Yours films in Bulgaria


    Producer/writer/director Kiran Kolarov's Innocently Yours has begun filming in Bulgaria,

    Shooting began October 11 and is scheduled to last until November 14.

    The film is produced by Kolarov's Kolar Film-Kiran Kolarov, with co-producer Gala Film. The 600,000 euro budget was funded by the National Film Center (80%) with private investment making up the remaining 20%.

    The central character is Alexander Paskalev, a former music teacher and pianist who, after 10 years, finds that one of his female students has been and still is desperately in love with him.

    Kolar Film-Kiran Kolarovisa production company owned by the writer/director. The company primarily produces the director's own projects. Kiran Kolarov has been working in cinema in Bulgaria since 1978. His first feature film Status: Orderly elicited a strong interest in his work. File # 205/1913 (1984) on the Bulgarian poet Peyo Javorov was also acclaimed by critics. They Prevailed(1986) provoked strong discussion because of the film's main character, the ex leader of the Communist party Todor Jivkov, who at the time of the production and the release of the film was still in power. After the change in regime, Kolarov made A Spanish Fly(1998) and the The Rebel of L(2006) through his production company Kolar Film-Kiran Kolarov.

    Gala Filmis an independent production company, founded in 1995. During the last ten years it has produced over 12 films. Gala film is acting as associate producer with Kolar Film-Kiran Kolarov for the second time. The theatrical release date has not be set.

    Production credits:

    Script - Kiran Kolarov
    Director - Kiran Kolarov
    Director of Photography - Emil Hristov
    Art Director - Petar Goranov
    Costumes - Boryana Semerdjieva
    Sound - Valentin Kirilov
    Editing - Svetla Kirilova
    Producers - Kiran Kolarov, Galina Toneva, Kiril Kirilov


    Alexander Paskalev - Deyan Donkov
    Nora - Fani Kolarova
    Geleto - Nikolay Uroumov
    Vera - Maria Kavardjikova
    Marta - Stoyanka Moutafova
    Koev - Mihail Moutafov
    Bobi - Ivan Yuroukov
    Marcheto - Albena Mihova
    Zhuzheto - Rositsa Dicheva
    Zhechka - Zhanina Doncheva