Bulgarian Short shows in Sundance


    Nadezhda Koseva's short Omelette (http://festival.sundance.org/2009/film_events/films/omelette) was chosen for the International Short Films program of the Utah based Sundance Film Festival.

    In less than five minutes and in a minimalist style, the film recalls 1996, when Bulgaria was hit with the largest inflation in the last 20 years. For months people suffered from the lack of basic foods.

    Realizing only now how hard it had been, Koseva said that she dedicated the film to her mother. "The message is that human nature cannot be reduced to only three eggs."

    The film was created as part of an omnibus production by Agitprop production from producers Martichka Bozhilova, Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov, to note the 15th anniversary of Bulgarian weekly, "Kapital." Each of 15 directors expressed a personal response to one of the past 15 years. The film credits include scriptwriter Georgi Gospodinov, director of photography Anton Bakarski and actress Svetla Tsotsorkova in the main role.

    Koseva previously shot a short, The Ritual, as the Bulgarian part of the international omnibus co-production Lost and Found (2005).

    Omlette is only the second Bulgarian film ever chosen for Sundance. Nikolay Volev'sMargarit and Margarita(1989) was screened at Sundance in 1991.