Top TV channels report gains


    Statistical agency TNC TV Plan reports that Bulgarian advertising income registered more than €404 million in 2008, a substantial gain over 2007's €283 million.

    BTV stays in first position in 2008 for advertising income, increasing from €144 million to €153 million, due primarily to large audience draws such as Music Idol, Dancing Stars and especially Survivor. The cost of a 30 second advertising spot reached a record of nearly €6,000. However, the income share of BTV decreased from 46.6% to 38.8%.

    Nova TV also reported an advertising income increase, rising from €88 million to €104 million. According to the management of the channel, freshly sold to the Swedish MTG, its most popular shows run very well, especially the fourth Big Brother edition.

    After its spectacular €2 million investment in the UEFA European Football Championship transmission rights, the Diema cable channel (also owned by MTG) grew in audience popularity. At the same time, the percentage of Bulgarian families paying for cable TV remained at a ceiling of 70%.

    By contrast, Bulgarian National Television saw a decrease in its advertising income by almost half (from €12 million to €7 million). The audience share also fell, and despite efforts to revive the channel, the loss has still not been recovered.

    2009 started with cautious pricing. In January BTV lowered its advertising costs by 26%, and Nova TV is preparing special seasonal discounts. This was accepted as good news by the clients, who expect more advertising time for less money.