Bulgarian films find international buyers


    Three Bulgarian productions and co-productions are on their way to international distribution, following the EFM in Berlin.

    The World is Big and Salvation Lurks around the CornerbyStephan Komandarev, and represented by rising young sales agent M-Appeal, was sold to Israel and Taiwan raising the territories having bought the film to 12 and turning it into a national record-holder.

    East West's Hungarian-Bulgarian-UK-Dutch co-production Prima Primavera by Janos Edelenyimade its first sale to the Benelux territories.The Bulgarian theatrical release will start during the second half of 2009.


    Yavor Gardev's Zift, already sold to the USA and Greece before Berlin, landed sales to Scandinavia, Germany and Turkey at the EFM. The Bulgarian film is on its way to become the first national feature receiving commercial distribution in the USA, with a November VoD roll-out.