Bulgarian TV market drops

By Pavlina Jeleva
    Bulgarian TV market fell by 8.6%, according to the latest report of the monitoring agency TNS/TV Plan and the TV advertising Top 10. CME (www.cetv-net) station bTV (www.btv.bg) registered a 3.6% decrease in its advertising income - the smallest percentage among 33 TV channels

    The top ten includes MTG (www.mtg.se) station Nova TV (www.novatv.bg) which registered an income decline of 29.5%, followed by ProBG (www.probg.bg) in third place thanks to an increase of 82.5%, and TV7(www.tv7.bg) with a 19.2% decrease.

    With a decrease of 12.8% FOXlife (www.foxlife.bg) takes fifth position. The comedy channel GTV (www.gtv.bg) is in sixth place. In seventh position, is MTG owned Diema (www.diema.bg) with a decrease of 57.8%, in contrast to Diema Family which shows an increase of 4.8%.

    Bulgarian National Television (www.bnt.bg) is not present in the top 10 list but reports a 10% increase in advertising income. According to the head of the marketing and advertising department Ani Dimitrova, "The positive tendency is due to the policy of direct contact with the clients."

    The decrease of the media market is judged to be a strong tendency that might continue next year. Some positive elements could appear before the winter season, because most of the advertising companies keep their budgets for holiday seasons. Some hope is also linked to expected launchings of new company brands.