Bulgarian National TV elects new managing board

By Pavlina Jeleva

    The newly appointed Director General of the Bulgarian National Television (www.bnt.bg) Viara Ankova proposed to the Council of Electronic Media (www.cem.bg) a new Board of management. According to national legislation, under the Director's authority, four members must govern the public media for a three year term.

    Financial ex-vice minister Atanas Katsarchev, IT specialist Anastas Gyokov, NGO media expert Ognyan Zlatev and journalist Boyko Stankushev - each one responsible for a specific portfolio - were unanimously approved by the Council of Electronic Media.

    "I chose Katsarchev because of his rich experience in financial matters," Ankova said. "Zlatev, who comes from the non-profit media sector, the Media Development Center (www.mediacenterbg.org), will be in charge of relations with the European structures and funds; Gyokov will be responsible for the digitalization and Stankushev will ensure freedom of speech. "I left my position of managing director of the Health Media Group (www.healthmedia.bg) in order to reconstruct the NTV program schedule," - Stankushev sidd.

    A new public Council will closely monitor audience opinion and recommendations. In order "to assure effective public control over BNT" its members will participate in the sessions of the Board.

    A Creative Board will encourage innovatory ideas coming directly from the crews.

    The Director General also intends to introduce new procedures for the appointment of heads of departments. The candidates will have to present their ideas and action plans during public hearings and in the presence of journalists.

    BNT receives €30 M annual public financing. In exchange, the media must respect publicity advertising restrictions: daily advertisements cannot surpass 15 minutes, 5 of which are in prime time.

    The estimate of the actual financial situation, considered as most difficult, must be ready by the end of September.