PRODUCTION: Bulgarian animation The Blood goes into production

By Pavlina Jeleva

    Bulgarian animation director, writer, art director and VFX artist Velislava Gospodinova started working on the animated film The Blood Gospodinova is the director of animation film The Lighthouse currently making the rounds of the festival circuit.

    The project was awarded a €30,000 grant from National Film Center (www.nfc.bg) support and will be produced by Geopoly (www.geopoly-film.com). The Blood is a symbolic and dark film with expressionistic elements.

    In May the the project was presented at the Animation Coproduction Forum Eastern Europe, part of the Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart (www.itfs.de). At the same time Velislava's graduation film The Lighthouse(www.thelighthousefilm.com) based on Jacques Prevert's poem "The lighthouse keeper loves birds too much" and on a Sergei Rachmaninoff prelude was in the competition program.

    "Last year Veslislava was still unknown. We saw The Lighthouse on a small screen in our office and we fall in love with it. We helped her to introduce it to the 2009 National Documentary and Animation Film Festival - Golden Rhyton, where it immediately won an Honorary Mention. Now, in less than a year The Lighthouse has been seen and awarded at nearly 40 festivals," producer Georgy Cholakov said.

    The Lighthouse will also participate in the forthcoming Hollywood AniMazing Spotlight animation shorts festival (www.animazspot.com). It will be the first Bulgarian film and the only CEE film selected as one of the eight 2010 Quarterly winners. The Lighthouse will continue its worldwide festival tour at the Russian/Ukrainian KROK International Animated Film Festival (www.krokfestival.com).


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