Bulgarian Hunting Down Small Predators starts digital distribution

By Pavlina Jeleva

    The new teenage romance Hunting Down Small Predators (http://hdsp.bg/) shot in HD (2K) with a SI-2K camera and directly transferred to positive film stock using the Cinevator technology started a simultaneous national distribution in Bulgarian cities on 17 September, 2010. It marks the first time many of the 40 DCDM equipped screening halls in Bulgaria will host a national HD film.

    Screenings halls that are not yet using digital equipment will be supplied with traditional prints. Made by director/actor Tzvetodar Markov on the script of writer/director Hristian Nochev the film is distributed by A+ Films. Fifteen prints were prepared for the theatrical release.

    After the box office success of Mission London (www.mission-london.com) the HDSP (Hunting Down Small Predators) national co-producers Andy Film and Camera (www.camera.bg) expected high interest from young audiences. "The film is dedicated to the young people, to those who were born and grew up during the last twenty years. In our opinion this generation lives in a 'social jungle' and this is our fault!" Nochev said.

    In order to attract a large audience the producers and the distributor collaborated with private broadcaster Nova TV (www.novatv.bg) and the popular rock group "Ostava" (www.ostava.com) which composed most of the music. Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are Made for Walking" is also part of the soundtrack. The singer gave her permission to use the hit song after seeing an episode from the film.

    Numerous internet forums have already expressed the young audience's adulation of actor Marian Vulev (Sinatra) whose return after a ten year in the USA was widely welcomed. International star Hristo Shopov (The Passion of the Christ, Spartacus, 2004, Pontius Pilate, 2006, Barbarossa, 2009) performs the role of the underground bandit Chakara.