Open Class discusses industry changes


    The latest of the Open Class seminars has wound up in Sofia after playing host to a number of Bulgarian filmmakers, researchers and students. The two-day seminars are organized by the Patrick Sandrin's Sofia-based production company Sofilm (www.sofilm,net) and the Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Cinema (NATFIZ - www.natfiz.bg).

    The discussions were led by three eminent French intellectuals: Dominique Païni, former director of the Cinémathèque française, Catherine Millet, editor-in-chief of the magazine Art Presse and art historian Jacques Henric. They explored various aspects of the "Metamorphosis in Cinema." The participants watched more than 40 film extracts belonging to famous directors of the world film heritage.

    The Open Class seminars started in 2005 and have covered subjects such as "Europe in Hollywood,", "Film and the World of Labour," and "New Asiatic Cinemas." Later this year Patrick Sandrin is planning a new Open Class seminar on African cinema, animation and documentaries/

    The collaboration with NATFIZ will continue with the personal assistance of its rector professor Stanislav Semerdjiev, who just screened his Bulgarian-American Hamlet Adventure, co-directed with Greg Roach (The X-Files).