PRODUCTION: Tereza 33 in Development

    Danilo Serbedzija Danilo Serbedzija

    ZAGREB: Producer Irena Markovic is developing a contemporary drama Tereza 33, through the Croatian company Focus Media. Danilo Serbedzija is directing.

    The story of a young woman searching for her true self among the routine of her marriage, three miscarriages and the new discovered freedom of adultery is written by Lana Baric who will also play the main character.

    The budget is 950,000 EUR, Markovic told FNE. The project received a script development grant of 5,000 EUR and a project development grant of 15,000 EUR from the Croatian Audiovisual Center.

    Shooting is scheduled for October 2014. The film should be finished in spring 2015 in order to open in summer 2015.


    Production information:

    Focus Media

    Prilaz v. brajkovića 2

    10000 zagreb, Croatia

    Phone: 01/6524737  


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