Pula IFF Presents a Croatian Cornucopia of Films


    PRAGUE: A sign of the renewed vigour of Croatia’s national cinema, the 60th Pula IFF (www.pulafilmfest.hr) will screen 14 feature films in the national programme, which runs 20-27 July 2013.

    Another ten films will screen in a section of minority coproductions.

    The festival’s international programme, which begins on 13 July, presents films from all EU member countries, either in the international full-length competition or in the section of European short films. Croatia marked its entry into the EU on 1 July.

    Thirteen of the films in the national programme (one screens out of competition) will compete for up to 19 awards. The selection includes the domestic box office smash The Priest’s Children which was a hit with audiences at the recent Karlovy Vary IFF (www.kviff.com) and was picked up by WIDE Management and already sold to Italy, Spain, Sweden and Iceland. Also in the line-up is the popular children’s detective film The Mysterious Boy, a follow-up to the 2011 record-breaking film Koko and the Ghosts. The omnibus film Short Circuits will screen out of competition, a decision of the producers.

    Three of the films were produced by Interfilm, and three by Kinorama, which Croatian Radiotelevision is a producer or coproducer on seven of the films. The selection includes comedies, dramas, art-house films and thrillers.

    The complete line-up of films in the National Programme follows:

    Handymen, dir. Dalibor Matanić (www.hrt.hr)

    The Priest’s Children, dir. Vinko Brešan (www.interfilm.hr)

    Vis-à-vis, dir. Nevio Marasović (www.antitalent.net)

    The Mysterious Boy, dir. Dražen Žarković (www.kinorama.hr)

    The Bug, dir. Filip Šovagović (www.zonasova.hr)

    Simon Magnus, dir. Petar Orešković (Alka Film)

    The Farewell, dir. Dan Oki (www.udrugakazimir.net)

    A Stranger, dir. Bobo Jelčić (www.spiritus-movens.hr)

    Not All about the Money, dir. Dario Pleić (www.interfilm.hr)

    Projections, dir. Zrinko Ogresta (www.interfilm.hr)

    One Shot, dir. Robert Orhel (www.kinorama.hr)

    Short Circuits, dir. Hana Jušić and Sonja Tarokić, Dario Juričan, Andrija Mardešić (www.hrt.hr)

    Cowboys, dir. Tomislav Mršić (www.kabinet.hr)

    Hush, dir. Lukas Nola (www.kinorama.hr)