PRODUCTION: The Yoghurt Syndrome in Development

    Producer Zvonimir Munivrana Producer Zvonimir Munivrana Corvus Film

    ZAGREB: The love story/dramedy that Zvonimir Munivrana is developing through Corvus Film will be directed by Goran Rukavina with shooting planned for the first half of 2016.

    Written by Munivrana, Jogurt sindrom/The Yoghurt Syndrome tells the story of Laura from Serbia and Leonard from Croatia, who meet by chance and experience a fatal attraction, but their past and background prove more fatal that the attraction itself.

    “The story manages to avoid the stereotypical post-war and traditional issues, and focus on modern similarities of both societies that divide young people,” Munivrana told FNE.

    The budget is 1 m EUR, and the Croatian producer is now looking for Serbian and Italian coproducers. The project has applied to the national and international grants contest, as well as to European pitching panels.

    The premiere is set for 2016. Blitz Film and Video will distribute the film nationally and regionally.

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    Director: Goran Rukavina (photo)
    Scriptwriter: Zvonimir Munivrana