PRODUCTION: Danish Comedy Starts Shooting in Croatia

    Rasmus Bjerg, Sonja Richter, Mick Øgendahl and Rasmus Heide Rasmus Bjerg, Sonja Richter, Mick Øgendahl and Rasmus Heide photo by Ronnie Fridthjof

    ZAGREB: The 3rd part of the Danish comedy Three Heists and a Hamster / Alle for Tre by Rasmus Heide began shooting in various locations in Istria on 11 April 2016.

    According to the Croatian Audiovisual Centre, the production costs for 18 days of filming in Croatia will be around 440,000 EUR and the producers will have the right to a 20% reimbursement of funds spent.

    The story follows two clumsy con-artist brothers, who discover that the biggest treasure from their deceased father, an old motorcycle and sidecar, would go to a sister they never knew. They head to Italy to find her and steal the valuable inheritance.

    The film stars Danish actors Rasmus Bjerg, Mick Øgendahl and Sonja Richter, but the cast also includes Croatian actors Zlatko Burić, Tena Tadić, Sven Jakir and Draško Zidar. Approximately 200 extras will be engaged.

    The Copenhagen-based company Fridthjof Film is producing. Croatian production house Spiritus Movens is providing services. Shooting in Croatia will wrap on 18 April 2016.

    Production Information:
    Spiritus Movens
    Rakušina 5, 10000 Zagreb
    Phone/ Fax: +385 (0)1 5805 823
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    Director: Rasmus Heide
    Scriptwriter: Rasmus Heide
    Art director: Mario Ivezić
    Make-up: Tina Jesenković
    Costume Designer Morana Cerovec
    Second-assistant Director: Igor Miklošić
    Cast: Rasmus Bjerg, Mick Øgendahl ,Sonja Richter, Zlatko Burić, Tena Tadić, Sven Jakir, Draško Zidar