FNE Congratulates ScripTeast on its 10th Anniversary


    Film New Europe and Independent Film Foundation are celebrating the 10th anniversary of ScripTeast with a series of weekly interviews with scriptwriters and key players involved in ScripTeast activity.  This week we focus on Croatia and we speak with the producer Stanislav Babić and with the scriptwriter/director Pavo Marinković.

    scripteast 10 years of scripeastCroatian films produced from ScripTeast:

    Night Boats written by Elvis Bosnjak & Igor Mirkovic– 3rd edition, 2008-2008

    Croatian scripts selected at ScripTeast currently in production:

    Ministry of Love written by Pavo Marinković– 8th edition (2013-2014)

    Stanislav BabićInterview with Stanislav Babić from Telefilm

    Established by Stanislav Babić in 2003, Telefilm is one of the most successful production companies in Croatia. Among the films produced by Telefilm are Melon Route, Metastases and Cannibal Vegetarian by Branko Schmidt, Horseman by Branko Ivanda and Number 55 by Kristijan Milić.

    FNE: How important is for a producer to produce a film based on a script participating at ScripTeast?

    Stanislav Babić: I would not say important. No one will give you money because you said that your script participated in an important workshop. But I would use the word helpful. Every good workshop helps. And ScripTeast is a very good one.

    As a producer, when you work with a writer who later directs the script himself, you will notice how much he knows about every character, every set up. It makes a difference and it makes the preparation better. And with a better preparation, you will save money.

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    Pavo MarinkovicInterview with Pavo Marinković, participant of ScripTeast

    Pavo Marinković participated in the 8th edition (2013-2014) of ScripTeast with the project Ministry of Love / Ministarstvo ljubavi, a dramatic comedy inspired by the Croatian Family Law, which he later directed.

    FNE: What is your most vivid memory from ScripTeast?

    Pavo Marinković: The most vivid memories from Scripteast are connected definitely to the first session we had in the beautiful castle in Šterdyn. Isolated, just confronted with the stage of early drafts. And with people, all different, imaginative, from fellow attendees to consultants. It was marvelous both socially and artistically. My brain and imagination were constantly stimulated which is usually helpful ...

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