FESTIVALS: Pula Announces 17 Competition Films Featured

Mali by Antonio Nuic Mali by Antonio Nuic

ZAGREB: The 65th Pula Film Festival, running 14-22 July 2018 in the Adriatic seaside town, will have 10 Croatian majority films and another seven Croatian minority films in the main competition of Croatian films.

Another two Croatian films will screen out-of-competition. Ten of the films will be having their Croatian premieres at the festival.

The Croatian competition films are:

Aleksi (Croatia, Serbia)
Directed by Barbara Vekarić
Produced by Studio Dim in coproduction with Serbia’s FilmKombajn and Croatia’s Motion
Supported by Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Film Centre Serbia, Croatian Radiotelevision  

Till the End of Death (Croatia)
Directed by Anđelo Jurkas
Produced by DOP Produkcija

Home (Croatia)
Directed by Dario Pleić
Produced by Filmski kolektiv

Deep Cuts (Croatia)
Directed by Filip Peruzović, Filip Mojzeš, Dubravka Turić
Produced by Kinematograf

Lada Kamenski (Croatia)
Directed by Sara Hribar and Marko Šantić
Produced by Sekvenca

Mali (Croatia)
Directed by Antonio Nuić
Produced by Propeler film
Supported by Croatian Audiovisual Center

For Good Old Times (Croatia)
Directed by Eduard Galić
Produced by MissArt

Comic Sans (Croatia)
Directed by Nevio Marasović
Produced by Kinorama
Supported by Croatian Audiovisual Center

Exorcism (Croatia)
Directed by Dalibor Matanić
Produced by Kinogerila

The Eight Commissioner (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Directed by Ivan Salaj
Produced by Alka-Film Zagreb, Embrio Production, Olimp Produkcija

Catalina (Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia)
Directed by Denijal Hasanović,
Produced by Skorpion Arte
Coproduced by SCCA/pro.ba, Focus Media, Telewizja Polska, Studio Produkcyjne Orka, Sound Domain, Pałac Zielona i Tawerna Portowa and Alvernia Studios
Supported by Polish Film Institute, Eurimages, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Fondacija Za Kinematografiju Sarajevo

Jimmie (Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia)
Directed by Jesper Ganslandt
Produced by Fasad
Coproduced by Sekvenca i Fasad, Ostblok, Swiss International

An Impossibly Small Object (Netherlands, Taiwan, Croatia)
Directed by David Verbeek
Produced by Flash Forward Entertainment
Coproduced by Nukleus film, Jaako dobra produkcija, Lemming film

The Miner (Slovenia, Croatia)
Directed by Hanna Slak
Produced by Nukleus Film
Coproduced by VOLTE
Supported by the Slovenian Film Center, FS Viba

Perseverance (Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Italy)
Directed by Miha Knific
Produced by Nukleus Film, Helios Sustainable Films, This&That Production
Supported by Slovenian Film Center

Ivan (Slovenia, Croatia)
Directed by Janez Burger
Produced by Staragara
Coproduced by Propeler Film, RTV Slovenija, Tramal films
Supported by the Slovenian Film Center, FS Viba, Croatian Audiovisual Center, Eurimages

The Frog (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia)
Directed by Elmir Jukić
Produced by Rеfresh Production
Coproduced by Skopje Film StudioLiving Pictures and Propeler Film
Supported by the BiH Film Fund, the Macedonian Film Agency and Eurimages


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