GRANTS: Croatia Announces Grants for Minority Coproductions and TV Projects


    ZAGREB: The Croatian Audiovisual Centre has announced the first grants for minority coproduction, TV project and script development in 2019, as well as the fourth round of grants for international cooperation programmes.

    A total of 33 applications were received for coproductions with a minority Croatian stake. Of those, 27 were considered and nine of them were recommended for co-financing, amounting to 403,198 EUR / 3 m HRK.

    Out of the 85 applications for the project development of television works, funds were approved for five projects, amounting to 57,793 EUR / 430,000 HRK in total.

    An additional 35,631 EUR / 265,106 HRK was awarded for travel costs and other expenses of international cooperation for Croatian filmmakers.

    A total of 496,651 EUR / 3.7 million HRK was awarded in this round of grants announced on 22 October 2019. 

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