New Film Festival Exploring Sexuality Launches In Croatia

    Rosebud by Vida Skerk / Student Programme Rosebud by Vida Skerk / Student Programme

    ZAGREB: The first edition of the Cherry Pop Film Festival, a new festival dedicated to exploring topics of sexuality in all its forms and manifestations, will take place 2-4 June in Zagreb, as well as on the on-demand vimeo channel of the Festival.

    “After 5 years of running the Student Film Festival we decided it was time to shake things up a bit and bring something unique to the festival scene here in Zagreb. Sexuality is the area where that plurality is best reflected. Film is an ideal medium for exploring that intimate and particular, yet universal human experience", stated the Festival Director Matej Beluhan.

    The Festival also features Cherry Picking. Each year the Cherry Picking programme will bring audiences a selection of films from a particular nation all dealing with the subject of sexuality. In this inaugural edition of the Festival, our focus is Japan. We will be screening classic films by Kenji Mizoguchi, as well as a documentary focusing on Kinbaku – a practice that served as a blueprint for BDSM in Western culture.

    The International Programme of the first CPFF features 19 short films from 16 countries that explore sexuality and gender identity. The Student Programme is not thematically defined, and includes 19 films from the region. In addition to the jury awards in both sections, an Audience Prize will be awarded to one film from each of the competition programmes.

    The first edition of the festival is happening with the support of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Michelangelo Labs.

    International Competition

    Tease (USA)
    Directed by Neely Goniodsky

    And Then! He Kissed Me (Russia)
    Directed by Aaron D Cohen

    Virgin My Ass (Israel)
    Directed by Adar Sigler

    Stories Keep Me Awake At Night (Beligum)
    Directed by Jérémy van der Haegen

    Some Kind of Humanity (France)
    Directed by Rock Brenner

    Pineapple (Australia)
    Directed by Emma O'Connor

    In nature (Switzerland)
    Directed by Marcel Barelli

    Web 3.0. (Sweden)
    Directed by Ronja Berg, Birk Dahl

    Anyway (Sweden)
    Directed by Jo Widerberg (Sweden)

    On-sight (France)
    Directed by Pierre Devidts

    For Me (Alone) (Germany)
    Directed by Henrik Seidel

    Four Pills at Night (Kosovo)
    Directed by Leart Rama

    Covid Love (Netherlands)
    Directed by René Nuijens

    Payboy (Netherlands)
    Directed by Mees Peijnenburg

    Skin to skin (Ireland)
    Directed by Nathan Fagan, Luke Daly

    Truthless (China)
    Directed by Badou Zhao

    Cranberry Juice (Austria)
    Directed by Ani Novakovic

    I'll Be Your Kettle (Denmark)
    Directed by Tobias Rud

    Contraception is not for Pussies (Netherlands)
    Directed by Lynn Deen

    Virtual Love (USA)
    Directed by Aria Li

    A World Free of Crisis (France)
    Directed by Ted Hardy-Carnac

    Dustin (France)
    Directed by Naïla Guiguet