Croatian Film Industry to Receive Half Million EUR from Streaming Platforms in 2022


    ZAGREB: Croatian audiovisual sector is expected to get over 665,500 EUR / 5 m HRK from international streaming platforms through the Croatian Electronic Media Act, which came into effect in October 2021, Croatian Audiovisual Centre representatives told FNE.

    Chris Marcich, photo: HAVCNetflix is expected to participate with 400,000 EUR / 3 m HRK  and other contributors will include HBO MAX, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

    According to the new law, streamers will have to invest 2% of their revenues generated in Croatia in local production or acquisition. Network operators will invest 10% of the revenue generated by their own AV services. Private broadcasters will set aside 5% percent of their annual turnover for independent productions in Croatia.

    "With our new law, we have introduced a series of interlinked measures to promote independent production in Croatia. The law is not prescriptive as to how the new funds will be invested. Sure there was resistance as the law was taking shape, but now it seems there is a very positive attitude to make the best of the new environment. Finally, international streamers will now join their Croatian counterparts in contributing 2% of their Croatian revenue to bolster the financing provided by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre”, Head of HAVC Chris Marcich told FNE.

    This is the first time video-on-demand platforms and operators are involved in financing national audiovisual production, Minister of Culture and Media Nina Obiljen Koržinek emphasised in a press statement last week.

    In a further attempt to promote European cinema, on-demand audiovisual media services must secure at least a 30% share of European works in their catalogues, and television broadcasters must ensure that European works make up more than 50% of their annual publication time, of which at least half must be Croatian audiovisual works.