PRODUCTION: Croatian Director Dalibor Matanić Shoots The Silence S2

    The Silence by Dalibor Matanić The Silence by Dalibor Matanić credit: DRUGI PLAN

    OSIJEK: Croatian director Dalibor Matanić started filming the second season of his acclaimed TV series The Silence / Šutnja, which is produced by Croatia’s Drugi Plan and the Croatian Radiotelevision in coproduction with Germany’s Beta Film, Ukraine’s Star Media and OLL.TV, as well as ZDF/ARTE.

    The first season had its world premiere at NEM Dubrovnik in the summer of 2021, after which it was screened at the Berlinale Series Market. It was sold by Beta Film to HBO MAX and HBO Europe, Lumière for Flemish-speaking Benelux, and ZDF/ARTE, who also came on board as coproducers.

    Based on the trilogy of novels by investigative journalist Drago Hedl, the first season of The Silence followed the interlinked stories of human trafficking in Kiyv and the Croatian town of Osijek, triggered by the discovery of three female corpses. It was filmed in Croatia and Ukraine with mixed crews, just before the war started.

    "A significant part of the plot of the second novel also includes Serbia, and that helps to some extent having in mind the current situation in Ukraine, but we are not giving up on filming there, probably somewhere in the western part, in the vicinity of Lviv," said the main producer Nebojša Taraba from Drugi Plan. He is producing together with Miodrag Sila from Drugi Plan, and they are also the creators of the series.

    The story of the second season is set a year after the initial events and the screenplay by Marjan Alčevski is adapted to reflect the grim reality of war. Even the main character played by Ukrainian star Kseniya Myshina is now involved in the collection of humanitarian aid for her compatriots. Serbian actresses Branka Katić andi Anđelka Prpić also join the crew in the second season of the series.

    The premiere of the second season of The Silence on the Croatian Radiotelevision (HRT) is expected in 2023.

    Production Information:

    Drugi Plan (Croatia)
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    Croatian Radiotelevision (Croatia)

    Beta Film (Germany)
    Star Media (Ukraine)
    OLL.TV (Ukraine)
    ZDF/ARTE (Germany, France)

    Creators: Nebojša Taraba, Miodrag Sila
    Director: Dalibor Matanić
    Based on the story of: Drago Hed
    Screenwriter: Marjan Alčevski
    DoP: Danko Vučinović
    Set designer: Ivo Knezović
    Cast: Kseniya Myshina, Sandra Lončarić, Darko Milas, Leon Lučev, Godan Bogdan, Tihana Lazović, Mijo Jurišić, Branka Katić, Anđelka Prpić, Iva Jerković, Iryne Verenich-Ostrovska