Croatian Game Go Home Annie Secures Publishing Deal with Lithuania’s Nordcurrent Labs

    Go Home Annie by Mladen Bošnjak Go Home Annie by Mladen Bošnjak credit: Misfit Village

    ZAGREB: Croatian horror adventure game Go Home Annie produced by Misfit Village has secured a publishing deal with the Lithuanian Nordcurrent Labs.

    The team led by Mladen Bošnjak has been working on the development of Go Home Annie for the past few years, under the wing of the PISMO Business Incubator in Novska, where game developers get holistic support for their startups.

    “The game is played from the first person and the story is not linear, its development depends on the player's decisions. The story is set in the pre-existing world of SCP fiction, but it can be played without previous experience, as a stand-alone horror adventure”, Bošnjak explained.

    In addition to the support given in the PISMO Incubator, the game received 10,000 EUR for development from the Croatian Audiovisual Centre in 2021. The launch is expected in 2024.

    The team of Go Home Annie consists of creative director Mladen Bošnjak, scriptwriter Lovro Golac, programmers Matija Videković and Stefan Vedrina, 3D modelling specialist Mateja Olujić, sound designer Petar Agejev and demo programmer Franjo Badurina-Rumešić.