BOX OFFICE: Croatian Films Have Third-Best Year in Domestic Cinemas

    The Diary of Pauline P. by Hrvoje Hitrec The Diary of Pauline P. by Hrvoje Hitrec credit: Jaka produkcija!

    ZAGREB: Croatian films attracted 278,053 admissions in national cinemas in 2023, making it the third-best year for domestic film since the inception of the Croatian Audiovisual Centre (HAVC) in 2008. Marking a full recovery from the pandemic, last year’s box office was just behind 2013, when Croatian film had 436,074 admissions, and 2012 when it attracted 328,158 viewers. Compared to 2022 with 220,776 admissions, 2023 brought a 26% increase in viewership.

    The best-scoring Croatian film in 2023 was The Diary of Pauline P / Dnevnik Pauline P., directed by Hrvoje Hitrec and produced by Jaka produkcija. The adaptation of the beloved children's novel written by Sanja Polak had 91,659 admissions.

    Second-biggest domestic box office hit was another children’s title, the animated film The Cricket and Antoinette directed by Luka Rukavina and produced by Diedra in coproduction with Zagrebfilm, which had 80,765 admissions.

    The third most watched film was the self-funded comedy The Outsiders / Marginalci directed by Ljubomir Kerekeš and produced by Kerekesh Teatar, which had 8,481 admissions in 2023 (cinema distribution began in 2022). In the fourth place there is the feature film Death of the Little Match Girl by Goran Kulenović, produced by Livada production, with 8,446 viewers, while Only When I Laugh / Samo kad se smijem by Vanja Juranić, produced by Maxima Film, holds the fifth place with 7,854 admissions.

    A total of 39 Croatian films were shown in domestic cinemas, including 28 premiere titles.