FESTIVALS: Six world premieres at Pula Film Festival

By FNE Staff
    The National Competition Programme of the 57th Pula Film Festival (July 17 - 24), www.pulafilmfestival.hr/en) in Croatia will present ten films, with seven films in the main section and three in the minority co-productions section. Minority co-productions are being allowed in the national programme for the first time this year.

    {mosimage}Films tackling the problems of love and adultery dominate this year. Six of the seven films in the principal section are world premieres. An independent film, the science-fiction drama The Show Must Go On by debut director Nevio Marasovic opens the festival in the Arena (Roman Amphitheatre with 5,000 seats). There are two more debuts in the competition: Ivan-Goran Vitez's dark humour action film Forest Creatures and Danilo Serbedzija's black comedy 72 Days. Dalibor Matanic presents his drama Mother of Asphalt, and Ognjen Sviličić directs 2 Sunny Days. Director and video artist Dani Oki showcases his drama The Performance, presented in digital HD format at the Valli Cinema. The only film from the main section that has already been seen in Croatia is the romantic drama Just Between Us by Rajko Grlic.

    Among minority co-productions, four films were co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia with the participation of Croatian co-producers and film artists. They include the omnibus by five directors from the former Yugoslavia, Some Other Stories. The Croatian story was directed by Ivona Juka and the Croatian co-producer is the production company 4Film (Anita Juka). The second one is Jasmila Zbanic's drama On the Path, starring Zrinka Cvitesic and Leon Lucev and coproduced by Croatian production company Produkcija Ziva (Leon Lucev). Bosnia and Herzegovina director Adis Bakrac directed The Abandoned with Mira Furlan as lead actress, co-produced by the Zagreb-based production company Olimp Film (Mario Vukadin).

    Serbian director Srdan Karanovic is represented out of competition with Besa, featuring Miki Manojlovic. The Croatian co-producer and director of photography is Slobodan Trninic.

    Contact Information:

    The Show Must Go On, Imitator
    Forest Creatures, Kinorama, www.kinorama.hr
    72 Days, Interfilm, www.interfilm.hr
    Mother of Asphalt, Kinorama, www.kinorama.hr
    2 Sunny Days , Maxima Film www.maxima-film.hr
    The Performance, Studio Fugo
    Just Between Us, Mainframe Production www.mainframeproduction.com

    Minority coproductions:
    Some Other Stories; See Film Pro, Serbia (main producer); 4 Film (Croatian co-producer) www.4film.hr
    On the Path; Deblokada, Bosnia (main producer) www.deblokada.ba; Produkcija Ziva (Croatian co-producer)
    The Abandoned, Heft Production, Bosnia (main producer) www.heft.com.ba, Olimp produkcija (Croatian co-producer), www.olimp.hr
    Besa, Bas Celik, Serbia (main producer) www.bascelik.net, Arkadena (Croatian co-producer)