PRODUCTION: Five Shilling Nylon in Postproduction in Cyprus

    Ungraded still from "Five Shilling Nylon". Photo via AMP Filmworks Ungraded still from "Five Shilling Nylon". Photo via AMP Filmworks

    NICOSIA: Award winning writer/director Christos Siopachas is in postproduction with Five Shilling Nylon, a love story set in 1950 about a miller whose life is turned upside down by the arrival of a young married woman at the mill.

    The main characters are played by Chris Greco and Kristy Papadopoulou. The cast includes Giannis Kokkinos, Koullis Nicolaou, Stelios Anronikou, Lenia Sorokou and Demetris Xystras. Vladimir Subotic is the DoP.

    Marios Piperides and Marios Petrondas are producing through AMP Filmworks. The budget of the film was close to 1 m EUR. 

    “The film was supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus and through other local business through services, in-kind contributions, fee deferrals and capitalizations,” Marios Piperides told FNE.

    Five Shilling Nylon/Pente Selinia Nylon /Πέντε Σελίνια Ναύλον was shot in the mountains of Cyprus in January/February 2013. Shooting took 30 days. It is scheduled to be finished by September 2013 and to start the festival circuit from then on. 

    Production Information

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    Agias Elenis 4

    Office 603

    Lefkosia, 1060, Cyprus

    Phone: + 357 22 875187

    Fax: +357 22 875186

    Cell: +357 99 337685


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    Director: Christos Siopachas

    Script: Christos Siopachas

    DoP: Vladan Subotic

    Cast: Chris Greco

          Kristi Papadopoulou

          Giannis Kokkinos

          Koullis Nicolaou

          Stelios Anronikou

          Lenia Sorokou

          Demetris Xystras

          Marios Gerou

          Philippos Sofianos

          Katerina Misichroni