PRODUCTION: Cyprus Peter Sellers Doc in Production

    Ghost in the Noonday Sun by Peter Medak Ghost in the Noonday Sun by Peter Medak

    LIMASSOL: International film director Peter Medak is shooting The Ghost of Peter Sellers, a feature length documentary about the film Ghost in the Noonday Sun, which Medak also directed.

    Ghost in the Noonday Sun is a 17th Century pirate comedy starring Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan, which was filmed in Cyprus in 1973 but not released until ten years later. It was produced by John Heyman for his company World Film Services and Columbia Pictures.

    Medak said: “my movie was shot mostly in the Mediterranean on real ships and on the island of Cyprus, which nobody had ever dared to attempt before, and a totally insane idea.”

    The documentary is about the making of the film and what happened behind the scenes. It is created from interviews with Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan’s friends, as well as the actors, crew members, producers, executives and relatives of people who were involved in the making of the film, but who have since died.

    The documentary is produced by Vegas Media Ltd and the idea for the documentary came from its Managing Director Paul Iacovou.

    The film is 70 percent complete. Shooting in Cyprus and the United Kingdom is completed and the film is set to move to New York and Los Angeles for final shooting.

    The budget for the film is 300,000 USD, with 40 percent coming from investors, 22 per cent from producers, 22 per cent from crowd funding and 16 per cent from other sources. In order for the film to be completed, a remaining 40,000 USD needs to be raised.

    Commenting on the need to raise the final funds, Paul Iacovou said, “This is the first Cypriot film ever to have a Hollywood director and to be released under the auspices of the Directors Guild of America.”

    The documentary is set to be released in 2016.

    Production information:
    Vegas Media Ltd.
    21 Andrea Demetriou Street,
    Nicosia 1066,

    Director: Peter Medak
    DOP: Chris Sharman

    Interviewees: Norma Farnes, Dennis Fraser, Rene Borisewitz, Michael Stevenson, Robin Dalton, Murray Mclvin, Anthony Rufus Isaacs, David Korda, Piers Haggard, Joe McGrath, Simon van der Borgh, Joe Dunne, Sandy Lieberson, Tony Christodoulou, Costas Evagorou, Tony Greenberg and Lorenzo Berni.