FESTIVALS: Eighteen Films Compete at Cyprus IFF

    Octav by Serge Ioan Celebidachi Octav by Serge Ioan Celebidachi photo: Adi Marineci

    NICOSIA: The 13th Cyprus International Film Festival Golden Aphrodite will run from 23 June to 1 July 2018 in Paphos.

    The annual festival will run film screenings at two locations in Paphos. There will also be parallel events, including a masterclass, a workshop and a round table discussion. This year the parallel events will also include a script contest, which will be judged by writer L. Morin, designer of new media Anastasios Vassileiou and film director and producer Petra Terzi.

    The festival organises competitions in the following categories: Golden Aphrodite – Feature Film Competition, CYIFF Got Talent in Short Film, First Documentary, Female Director or Producer, 50/50 (50 per cent women in film credits), Nostimon Imar – Director of Diaspora, Experimental – Video Art, Veteran Feature Film, Veteran’s Documentary, Veteran Short Film, Panorama, Animation and Music/Dance Films.

    The feature film competition jury includes Bill Butler, director of photography for Jaws by Steven Spielberg (1975), Rocky II (1979), Rocky III (1983), Rocky IV (1985) and Grease (1978), producer Vivek Singhania, producer and writer George F Roberson, producer Carol Bidault de l'Isle and producer Julie Holman. 

    The festival is organised by the CINE@ART HQ & Programming Office under the auspices of the Municipality of Paphos.

    Golden Aphrodite Competition for Feature Films:

    Cut Off (USA)
    Directed by Jowan Carbin

    A Thousand Pieces (France)
    Directed by Véronique Mériadec

    Three and a Half (India)
    Directed by Daria Gaikalova

    Octav (Romania)
    Directed by Serge Ioan Celebidachi
    Produced by Celi Films and Oblique Media Film

    Feeling You (China)
    Directed by Yuez Zeng

    Chimera (UAE)
    Directed by Maurice Haeems

    Engram (Belgium, USA)
    Directed by Armando Alvarez

    Cassidy Red (USA)
    Directed by Matt Knudsen

    Wander About Me (Iran)
    Directed by Ghazaleh Soltani

    The Forest (Germany/ Czech Republic)
    Directed by Viktor Gasic

    We Were Comrades (Germany)
    Directed by Heintje Peter

    Withered Green (Egypt)
    Directed by Mohammed Hammad

    Rama Rama Re (India)
    Directed by D Satya Prakash

    The 13th (UK)
    Directed by Chris Hastings

    Dark Blue Girl (Germany)
    Directed by Mascha Schilinski

    URVI (India)
    Directed by Pradeep Varma

    I Still Hide to Smoke (France)
    Directed by Rayhana Obermeyer

    Bach in Brazil (Germany, Brazil)
    Directed by Ansgar Ahlers