FNE at Paphos IFF: Paphos Fest Set to Open in Cyprus


    NICOSIA: The Paphos International Film Festival (PIFF), which opens on 24 June 2016, will screen 26 international short films, 11 national short films, 13 student short films and eight special themed short films.

    The festival is held in the southwestern coastal city of Paphos, best known as the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite.

    Most of the short films will compete for the audience choice award in each category. The selection covers films from five continents, with CEE represented by films from Estonia, Georgia, Poland, the Czech Republic and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

    The three-day festival, which runs through 26 June, will have a special theme on the topic of immigrants and refugees. In addition to film screening, the festival, under the direction of Sylvia Nicolaides and Nicolas Iordanou, will also host lectures and masterclasses.

    The list of films follows:

    International Short Films

    Till jail do us part (Puerto Rico)
    Directed by Joserro Emmanuelli and Mariana Emmanuelli

    Smoking kills (France)
    Directed by Lionel Abeillon-Kaplan

    Operator (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Radoslav Irsa

    Champion (Sweden)
    Directed by Mans Berthas

    Nuvola (Italy)
    Directed by Giulio Mastromauro

    Our Star Trek: The Fifty Year Mission (U.S.A.)
    Directed by Christopher Tevebaugh

    The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque (Serbia, Spain)
    Directed by Boris Kozlov

    Goran The Camel Man (Poland, Georgia)
    Directed by Marcin Lesisz

    Lost in Mamboo (France, Japan)
    Directed by Jerome Plan

    The Extraordinary Mr. Jupiter (Puerto Rico)
    Directed by Federico Torres

    Swayer Corporations (Turkey, India)
    Directed by Rathindran R. Prasad

    Les frères Champion (France)
    Directed by Henri Gander

    Last Night (France)
    Directed by Emmanuel Roudaut

    That´s why I don´t have brothers (Spain)
    Directed by Paco Cavero

    Grown Ups (Spain)
    Directed by Javier Marco

    Naleena (Italy, India)
    Directed by Luigi Storno

    A day in the library (Malaysia)
    Directed by Eden Wan

    The Locksmith (Greece)
    Directed by Miltiades Christides

    Venice (Australia)
    Directed by Venetia Taylor

    Four Doors (Cuba)
    Directed by Juan Pablo Daranes Molina

    Paolo’s Dream (Greece)
    Directed by Dirineos Papadimatos and Giannis Avramopoulos

    An Angry Man (Denmark)
    Directed by Jannik Dahl Pedersen

    Behemoth - or the Game of God (Lesotho)
    Directed by Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

    The Border (Estonia, United Kingdom)
    Directed by Norman Tamkivi

    Omnia (United Arab Emirates)
    Directed by Amena Al Nowais

    A New Family (Italy, Cambodia)
    Directed by Simone Manetti

    Cyprus Short Films

    5 Ways 2 Die
    Directed by Daina Papadaki

    Directed by Stelios Kammitsis

    Random Attempts
    Directed by Dou Ozokutan Ciftciolu & Vasvi CiftCiolu

    The Leap
    Direcetd by Marios Lizides

    Directed by Andreas Papakyriakou

    Why Talk Feminism?
    Directed by Peter Stephanou

    The Olive Tree at the Border
    Directed by Sholeh Zahraei and Kamil Saldun

    Bueno Key
    Directed by Kazimir Bielecki and Lennie Varvarides

    Directed by Renos Gavris

    Documentary for a printing press that was never found (out of competition)
    Directed by Charlambos Margaritis

    Student Films

    GoodBuy (Cyprus) out of competition
    Directed by Christine Zacharia

    Whatever will be will be (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
    Directed by Esma Saric

    Throw Me to the Dogs (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Aaron Dunleavy and Joseph Ollman

    Knocked Down (Spain, United Kingdom)
    Directed by Pepe Gomez

    God Bless You (Poland)
    Directed by Jakub Radej

    The Shadow Forest (Poland)
    Directed by Andrzej Cichocki

    Knife In the Wife (Poland)
    Directed by Vita Drygas

    Hailstone’s Dance (Iran)
    Directed by Amin Pourbarghi

    DeNiro (Iceland)
    Directed by Haukur Heidar Steingrimsson and Knutur Haukstein Olafsson

    Oh Dude! (Czech Republic)
    Directed by Jakub Jiraserk

    Yunaisy (Cuba)
    Directed by Juan Palbo Daranas Molina

    Blood Money (United Kingdom)
    Directed by Emily Knight

    Director’s Cut (Spain)
    Directed by Pol Diggler

    Special Theme

    Meeting Supermann (Germany)
    Directed by Hannah Stockmann

    Spectrum (Greece)
    Directed by Dimitris Gkotsis

    In God We Trust (France)
    Directed by Elefterios Zacharopoulos

    Safe Space (Germany)
    Directed by Zora Rux

    Djinns, the Spirits of Patras (France, Greece)
    Directed by Jean-Jacques Cunnac

    Nouran (United Arab Emirates)
    Directed by Nouran Alchalati

    If I Were You (United Kingdom, Ireland)
    Directed by Colin Morris

    I Exist (Egypt, Syria)
    Directed by Ahmed Abdelnaser