Czech Film Law to Include Incentives

By FNE Staff

    PRAGUE: Czech film incentives for foreign films are expected to be incorporated in the new film law, which will be in place at the start of 2013.

    The Prague Monitor reports that the head of the government media committee made the statement in a TV news programme. Czech film incentives were first introduced in 2010, but were not instituted by law.

    The new law has not designated an amount for film incentives; however, film producers have said that the amount currently allotted, CZK 300 million, is only a fraction of what is needed. That amount is usually promised within the first few months of each year. The Czech minister of culture is expected to ask for an additional CZK 500 million for 2012 film incentives. Filmmakers have suggested that CZK one billion should be allotted for film incentives.