PRODUCTION: Mythmaking in Postproduction

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JIHLAVA: Jan Gogola, Jr.'s new documentary is an intimate portrait of the contemporary Czech artist Kateřina Šeda who is binding ordinary people through projects combining art and social initiative. Jiři Konečný is producing through endorfilm (www.endorfilm.cz).

The film follows Kateřina Šeda during one year as she is trying to create contemporary myths and legends. In one of his projects documented by the film she brought 80 people from the Czech village of Bedrichovice to the Tate Gallery in London and asked them to recreate their everyday life for the whole day of 3 September 2011.

„What is important for her is to connect people”, said Jan Gogola, Jr. in Jihlava, where the project was presented in the 2nd edition of Distribution Forum at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (www.dokument-festival.cz), 23-28 October 2012. There will be an 80 min feature documentary and also a 52 min TV version.

Jiři Konečný told FNE that the film was shot during June 2011-September 2012 and that the budget is 140,000 EUR. It is set to be finished in January 2013 and to have the world premiere in a big festival. There is no sales agent involved yet.


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Director: Jan Gogola, Jr.

Script: Jan Gogola, Jr

DOP: Braño Pazitka