Czech Jeseniky to Hosts Two Czech Debuts

    Jeseniky Region Jeseniky Region

    PRAGUE: Two debuting Czech filmmakers will shoot in the rural northwestern region of Jeseniky, with assistance from the newly launched Jeseniky Film Office.

    The Jeseniky Film Office was founded in autumn 2012, following the success of Czech cult animation movie Alois Nebel (www.negativ.cz) which was shot entirely in the Jeseniky region, for the purpose of assisting Czech and foreign filmmakers interested in shooting in the region.

    First time director Miroslav Krobot (who played the title role in Alois Nebel) is planning a village drama about decline and hope, A Hole at Hanusovice (Dira u Hanušovic). Shooting is scheduled for August 2013. The film is produced by Evolution Films, known for several recently successful Czech comedies. The cast includes Tatjana Vilhelmova, Ivan Trojan and Lenka Krobotova. The budget is 16 m CZK.

    Acclaimed Czech theatre actor, Ondrej Sokol plans to film an autobiographic crime comedy Krásno (the name of a lake) in style of Tarantino´s Reservoir´s Dogs. The film will be produced by Lovecraft.

    Largely overlooked by tourists, the Jeseniky region is still haunted by the Second World War. Entire villages fell into ruin or disappeared during the war and immediately afterwards. Often only dilapidated houses and overgrown gardens remain. For filmmakers, however, it can be a very inspiring environment.