Czech Incentives Move Forward


    PRAGUE: The Czech State Cinematography Fund announced the list of projects which passed the “cultural test” for European cultural and production criteria, the first step in the process of applying for the film industry support. 

    The projects can now to proceed to the second step of the process and submit the project's budget and financial information by 10 April 2013.  

    From the 55 Czech and international projects registered for the support this year, three did not pass the cultural test and one was not evaluated. 

    From the 500 m CZK allocated for the 2013 rebate programme,  336,984,415 CZK will be granted to projects continuing from 2013. They include big international projects, such as The City of Lies from Milk & Honey Films, the third series of Borgia, co-produced by Etic Films, the international TV project Crossing Lines with participation of Stillking FilmsThe Last Knightsand and The Musketeers from Czech Anglo Productions, and 1864 and Pandemonium by SIRENA FILM.

    The projects are expected to have a large spend in the Czech Republic: The Musketeers will spend 226 m CZK ( 8.8 m EUR), The City of Lies 143 m CZK (5.5 m EUR) and Borgia 240 m CZK (9.3 m EUR).