Eight Films Receive Grants While Czech Producers Wait for Funding


    PRAGUE: The Czech State Cinematography Fund has announced 23.5 m CZK in grants for eight films, all of which were approved in 2012 for funding that did not materialize.

    Less than one tenth of the money anticipated under the new Czech cinematography law has been allocated, with grants going only to the films that were granted a symbolic 1 CZK at the end of 2012 due to a shortage of funds.

    Other Czech producers, distributors, cinemas and festivals are still waiting in limbo to apply for grants from the new State Cinematography Fund while awaiting EU approval. The Fund cannot accept any applications until it receives EU approval.  

    The new law specifies new sources of financing for Czech cinematography (through TV advertising and cinema admissions);  however, according to the Fund´s Committee, in 2013 the incoming funds will not  be sufficient for the required support of all segments of Czech cinematography (including film production and distribution, festival organization, digitalization of cinemas), which is at least 300 million CZK. The situation in 2013 is expected to be critical for the film industry, as the available funds are only half that amount.

    The films receiving funding can be found here.