Cernik Departing Czech Film Center


    PRAGUE: Czech Film Center director Jana Cernik will be leaving her post on 3 July 2013.

    Cernik has been with the Czech Film Center since it was founded for nearly 11 years ago. 

    She told FNE that she will continue in her post through the center’s annual Pitch and Feedback session at the Karlovy Vary IFF before moving to Dresden, where she will be one of two directors of the German Short Film Association

    “The work will be similar to my job for Czech film, just for the German short film, but more into film politics,” she said via email, adding, “Which I am curious to do.”

    Cernik was born in Bratislava when it was part of Czechoslovakia, but was raised in Germany. Prior to setting up the Czech Film Center, she was a programme coordinator at Days of European Film in Prague.

    A replacement director has not been officially announced, pending approval from the Ministry of Culture.