Czech Christmas Wings Soar at Box Office

    Wings of Christmas by Karin Babinska Wings of Christmas by Karin Babinska

    PRAGUE: A Czech holiday drama, Vanoce Kridla (Wings of Christmas), held the number one spot at the domestic box office in its third week of release, taking in some 19m CZK and 140,000 admissions, while two more Czech films also landed in the week’s Top Ten.

    Vanoce Kridla, directed by Karin Babinska, produced by Veronika Schwarcova for Cineart TV Prague and distributed by Falcon, is a drama about making a wish that comes true, only to realize the truth behind the adage that you should be careful what you wish for.

    Holding the number six spot in its sixth week in release is The Godfather’s Story directed by Petr Nikolaev, produced by U.F.O. Pictures and distributed by Bioscop. The story of a mafia godfather’s rise to power set against the struggle of a policeman’s efforts to see justice done is on target to become one of the highest grossing Czech films of the year, at 32m CZK in box office and topping 265,000 admissions to date.

    Rounding out the list is Clownwise directed by Viktor Taus, produced by Fog’n’Desire Films and distributed by Falcon. The film, about the 30 year reunion of a once-beloved clown trio who discover that they can’t stand each other, debuted in the number 10 spot with some 4,500 admissions and 500,000 in box office. The film is a coproduction with Slovakia (supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, Finland and Luxembourg, making it likely to produce better overall results than the initial numbers suggest, especially considering the casting of local and international stars Oldrich Kaiser and Jiri Labus, Finland’s Kati Outinen, and French actor Didier Flammand.