Artcam Launches Cinema on Demand Project


    PRAGUE: Film Distributor Artcam has launched a project called “Delam kino” (I Make My Own Cinema) as an alternative distribution for quality films which are difficult to find regular cinemas.

    The project offers the possibility of public screenings at homes and public places such as libraries, schools, cafés and clubs. The first film offered by Artcam is the 2012 Czech documentary Pevnost (Fortress) by Klára Tasovská and Lukáš Kokeš.

    For a fee of 200 CZK (7 EUR), anybody interested in organizing a screening can download a film from a special website or receive a special DVD of the film. The organizer is also entitled to use an E-poster and E-invitation available for each title and invite his own audience. A Facebook site is available for promoting the screening.

    Delam kino is planned as a long term project. Premysl Martínek, director of Artcam said: “Digitalisation of cinemas in the Czech environment means first of all unification of programming. Many people have a justified feeling that quality films disappear from the cinemas too early or they don´t appear in the distribution at all. We would like to fulfill these people´s wish and support today´s version of  film clubs which don´t take place in classic cinemas anymore, but in alternative spaces.”

    Seven films are currently available in the project, including two Czech films among the fiction and documentary titles. Artcam also particiopates in the VOD Day and Date distribution project.