PRODUCTION: Madl Debuts with To See a Sea

    To See a Sea by Jiří Mádl To See a Sea by Jiří Mádl

    PRAGUE: Leading young Czech and international actor Jiří Mádl (Borgia, Four Suns, Colette) is finishing work on his debut film as a director and scriptwriter, the ultra-low budget To See a Sea.

    The main character is a ten-year-old Thomas who gets a camera as a birthday present and decides to make a film in the style of Miloš Forman, becoming the narrator, cinematographer and director of a deeply human story of his family and friends. The plot is also a detective story of Tomas’s search for his father's secret. Thomas suspects him of dating another woman and decides to do everything possible to make his dad stay with the family. The film is shot with a hand-held camera and edited as if by a twelve-year-old boy, with the viewer perceiving the world through the eyes of the child.

    The main actors are Petr Šimčák, Jan Maršál, Lucie Trmíková, Ondřej Vetchý, Jaroslava Pokorná.

    The film is produced by Bio Illusion and coproduced by Czech TV. The film will be screened at the Berlinale market and the release is planned for March 2014.

    DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRPAHY: Edita Kainrathová
    EDITOR: Jakub Vansa
    PRODUCER: Miloslav Šmídmajer
    Bio Illusion
    Miloslav Šmídmajer
    Baarova 43/27
    140 00 Prague 4, Czech Republic
    mobile: +420 602 440 753
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