CT Art Channel Hits its Stride


    PRAGUE: Czech TV’s new Art Channel  has reached an audience share of 0.59% as it marks six months since its launch, putting it on a par with cultural channels elsewhere in Europe.

    In six months the Art Channel of Czech TV has presented over 1,300 hours of art programming, hitting 2.7 million viewers, a share which corresponds with the traditional European TV stations with an artistic focus.

    The audience consists of viewers specifically interested if a particular concert, film or artist, and we try to program these kinds of formats as much as possible. Despite of the fact that we broadcast only a few hours a day, moreover during the most competitive time slots, CT Art started with bigger success than artistic channels in Denmark, Italy , the Netherlands and Poland,” said the Director of the channel, Tomáš Motl. He added that the audience share is growing every month.

    "For the culturally oriented channels the share cannot be the main criterion of success; even the audience share of ARTE does not exceed one percent. But what is interesting for us, for example, is that the CT Art audience for the first six months was double the total number of visitors to Czech art galleries over the year and nearly 10 times larger than the Prague art cinema audience,” Motl said.

    The CT Art audience consists mainly of people with university and secondary education. The programmes of the channel are above-average values ​​in terms of the audience favourability at over 75 %. The satisfaction rating of viewers reached an average value of 8.2 on a 10-point scale.