FNE at Finale Plzen: Krasno

    Krásno by Ondřej Sokol Krásno by Ondřej Sokol

    PLZEN: Krásno, the directorial debut of acclaimed Czech theatre actor Ondřej Sokol, will compete at the 27th Finale Plzen, running 27 April – 3 May 2014.

    The 1 m EUR film was produced by love.FRAME and co-produced by Czech Television, MagicLab, FRAME100R, Sound4film, and Lightservice and was supported by the State Cinematography Fund.

    Krásno is a black comedy about Michal and Adam, two childhood friends, coming back to their hometown after 20 years to investigate the mysterious death of Michal´s mother, a search which turns into a high speed disaster.

    The main cast includes Ondřej Sokol, Martin Finger, Jana Krausová, Karel Roden and Jaroslav Plesl. The DOP was Tomáš Sysel.

    The film was released in Czech cinema distribution by Bontonfilm on 30 January 2014. The Czech cinema attendance since the premiere is 36,050.