FNE at Finale Plzen: Uni

    Uni by Tomáš Vorel Uni by Tomáš Vorel

    PLZEN: Directed, written and photographed by Tomáš Vorel, Uni continues in the aesthetics prompted by his earlier film, The Can.

    The film was made with a budget of 850 000 EUR.

    The story of two friends and their graffiti excesses continues while one desperately struggles to get accepted into the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design whereas the other cuts classes and but manages to get by, thanks to cheating or to his influential father.

    The popular film cast includes Jiří Mádl, Tomáš Vorel jr., Zuzana Bydžovská, Jan Kraus, Ivana Chýlková and Eva Jozífková.

    Uni is produced by Bio IllusionVorelfilm. It was released in Czech cinemas on 23 January 2014, distributed by A-company. The film has reached attendance of 145,963 viewers.