FNE at Finale Plzen: Miracle

    Miracle by Juraj Lehotský Miracle by Juraj Lehotský

    PLZEN: Miracle / Zázrak, a Slovak/Czech coproduction by Slovak director and co-writer Juraj Lehotský competes at Finale Plzen after an illustrious film festival roll-out.

    After receiving a Special Mention at the 2013 Karlovy Vary IFF, it was screened numerous film festivals including Cottbus, Thessaloniki, Toronto, Denver, and Arras. It was released in Slovakia in September 2013 through ASFK (Association of Slovak Film Houses) and in the Czech Republic on 3 October 2013 through Aerofilms where the challenging film drew 710 viewers.

    The film was co-written by Slovak scriptwriter Marek Leščák (Gypsy) and produced by Artileria (SK) in coproduction with Negativ (CZ) and Czech Television.

    The film’s budget of 870,000 EUR was supported by the Slovak Audiovisual Fund, the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic, the Czech Cinematography Fund and MEDIA.

    The film was being released both 35 mm and digitally so that it could be screened in small cinemas that had not been digitalized. 

    Miracle is a social drama inspired by the real life story of a 15 year old girl who has a face of child but has already experienced more than most adults, including prostitution, drugs and life on the streets. She is sent to a reformatory where she dreams of the love she is not allowed to have. Despite the regulations and restrictions, she decides to live a full life. 

    The filmmakers discovered Michaela Bendulová, who plays the main character Ela, in one of the reform centers, using her personal experience to create a natural and authentic performance. The cast includes Robert Roth, Venuša Kalejová and Lenka Habrunová.