RODUCTION: Nikolaev´s Dodgeball Wraps Shooting


    PRAGUE: Shooting of the new film by Petr Nikolaev Dodgeball was competed at the end of September.

    With this film Nikolaev returns both to the comic genre and to best-selling Czech author Michael Viewegh whose novel The Wonderful Years That Sucked was his directorial debut in 1997.

    The author of the screenplay is Miroslav Oščatka. The producer is Rudolf Biermann of Prague-based InFilm production company in coproduction with FTV Prima and with 4,072,000 CZK under the Czech film incentives programme.

    Dodgeball, a slapstick comedy about friendship, fateful loves, beauty and ugliness and the search for happiness tells the story of three classmates who live together in a common flat through various life stages. The trio known from the popular Prima TV show Partička - Michal Suchanek, Richard Genzer and Ondřej Sokol - appear in the roles of the three friends. Lukáš Vaculík, Simona Babčáková and two famous Czech models - Simona Krainová and Linda Bartošová - are in the cast too.

    The films based on Viewegh´s novels are among the most successful titles of the last two decades. The most popular was Jiří Vejdělek´s adaptation Holiday Makers (834,708 admissions), followed by Novel for Men by Tomas Bařina (584,425 admissions), Novel for Women (584,382 admissions) by Filip Renč and Jan Hřebejk´s Shameless (582,369 admissions). Rudolf Biermann was the producer of all of them.

    The release of Dodgeball is planned for March 2015 through Czech distribution company Falcon.