Three Brothers Tops Last Year´s Czech Cinema Attendance

    Three Brothers by Jan Svěrák Three Brothers by Jan Svěrák

    PRAGUE: In 2014, Czech films maintained an enviable position on the Czech distribution market. There were 32 Czech feature films and 23 documentaries released in 2014 and seven Czech films were in the top 20 releases.

    Jan Svěrák’s fairy tale Three Brothers drew in almost 661,378 cinemagoers - the absolute highest figure, thereby beating foreign films as well. The second place belongs to The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies with the attendance of 566,694, followed by How to Train Your Dragon 2 with 423,903, The Wolf of Wall Street with 297,510 and Rio 2 with 257,765 attendees.

    According to the data published recently by The Czech Distributors´ Union the total cinema attendance in the Czech Republic 2014 was 11,558,586. The total box office was 1,462,670,233 CZK (52 756 365 EUR)

    Cinemart with 29.5 % market share became the biggest film distributor in the Czech Republic, followed by the former leader Falcon with 21.3% and Warner Bros. with 16.4% market share.

    Three Brothers
    Directed by: Jan Svěrák
    Produced by: Biograf Jan Sverak
    Coproduced by Phoenix Film Investments
    Supported by the State Cinematography Fund – Czech Republic