PRODUCTION: Ivan Fíla Preps The Day of Happiness

    Actor Vojtech Dyk and director Ivan Fila Actor Vojtech Dyk and director Ivan Fila

    PRAGUE: Ivan Fíla, a Czech-born director partly based in Germany, is preparing his third feature film, The Day of Happiness.

    The film is inspired by the life of a Czech singer and musician from the 60s, Petr Novák, whose songs are still extremely popular in the Czech Republic. His bohemian lifestyle and public success on one hand and his personal unhappiness on the other, are symptomatic for the era of Husak´s „normalization” in Czechoslovakia.

    "It is a simple story of a man who experienced a vertiginous fame followed by a steep fall, and who drank himself out of desperation into premature death,” said Ivan Fíla.

    Shooting will start in April 2015, which gives the leading actor, the popular Czech singer and actor Vojtěch Dyk (Angels by Alice Nellis produced by the Czech TV and In Film), enough time to lose 10 kilos for his part.

    Vojtěch Frič is producing through first.FRAME with Czech Television as main coproducer. The budget is approximately 1,809,000 EUR/50 million CZK.

    Slovak actress Judith Bárdos (Fair Play by Andrea Sedlackova, produced by Negativ) will play Novak´s partner and big love. The film will be shot mainly on location in Prague and Bratislava.

    Production Information:
    Vlkova 17, 130 00 Praha 3
    Czech Republic
    Phone.: +420 230 234 313, +420 604 233 135
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    Director: Ivan Fíla
    Screenplay: Ivan Fíla
    Cast: Vojtěch Dyk, Judith Bárdos, Zuzana Bydžovská, Jiří Lábus, Miroslav Donutil