FNE at Finale Plzen: Hany

    Hany by Michal Samir Hany by Michal Samir

    PLZEN: Michal Samir’s debut feature Hany, filmed in one shoot during a three-day filming schedule, will be screened within the 28th edition of Finale Plzen running from 26 April to 2 May 2015.

    Samir, who also wrote the script, shot the film after a 40-day period of intensive rehearsals with actors on location in the Czech city of Plzen. The cast includes: Jiří Kocman, Hana Vagnerová, Ondřej Malý, Jitka Schneiderová and the Polish actor Michal Sieczkowski. Martin Žiaran was the DoP.

    The story takes place during a single evening in a literary bar in the middle of a big city. Each of the main characters comes to the bar for a different reason: one to have fun, another looking for love, and the third one is drunk and confused. A group of drug dealers also appears and the film climaxes with a violent street riot that reveals the true nature of the characters.

    The film was produced by a young director Matěj Chlupáček through his company Barletta Production in coproduction with CinemArt, POMO Media Group and Tutor. The State Cinematography Fund, Czech Republic was supporting. The budget is 200,788 EUR / 5.5 m CZK.

    Hany won the Czech Critics´ Award for best photography (Martin Žiaran) and was nominated for a Czech Lion in the best costumes category (Zuzana Krejzková). The film was released by CinemArt on 8 May 2014.

    Production information:

    Barletta Production
    Náměstí Přátelství 1518/3
    102 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic

    Národní 60/28
    111 21 Praha 1

    POMO Media Group
    Bořivojova 35
    130 00 Prague 3
    Czech Republic

    U Půjčovny 2
    110 00, Prague , Czech Republic
    Phone: 210 084 210
    Fax: 210 084 230
    Mobile: 777 008 820
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    Director: Michal Samir
    Scriptwriter: Michal Samir
    DoP: Martin Žiaran
    Cast: Jiří Kocman, Hana Vagnerová, Ondřej Malý, Jitka Schneiderová, Michal Sieczkowski