Anna Geislerová Set for Czech Horror Film

    Anna Geislerová Anna Geislerová

    PRAGUE: Popular Czech actresses Anna Geislerová and Daniela Kolářová are set to star in Polednice /The Noon Witch, a horror film by creative partners Matěj Chlupáček and Michal Samir.  

    The duo are known for their 2014 experimental, one shot film Hany, produced by Barletta Production  .

    The film with a budget of 10m CZK (370,000 EUR) will be a debut directed by Jiří Sádek with Alexander Šurkala as DoP.

    The Noon Witch is loosely inspired by a 19th century poem of the same name by the classic Czech poet K J Erben.  In the middle of a hot summer, a young woman returns with her small daughter to her husband’s village, where she fights with her own ghosts which are haunting her.

    “Our intention was to add a dark and thrilling atmosphere to a seemingly common life story: to blur the borders between reality and fantasy,” said Samir, who wrote the screenplay.

    The month-long shoot started 5 August 2015 in the Czech city of Beroun and its surroundings.

    The Czech distributor Falcon plans to release the film in March 2016.  The Noon Witch is supported by Czech Cinematography Fund.

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