New Chinese Feature to Be Shot in Czech Republic

    Morning, Paris! Morning, Paris!

    Morning, Paris!, a new Chinese production starts shooting in Prague on 18 September 2015 using the Czech company Milk &Honey Films as line producer.

    Morning Paris! is produced by China Film Company, a part of the state-owned enterprise China Film Group. The US based Quentin Lee is directing. The planned Czech spend of Morning Paris! is 1,258,094 EUR/ 34 m CZK, with a refund of 255,690 EUR/ 6,910,100 CZK from the Czech tax incentive programme, Tomáš Svoboda from theCzech Film Commission,  told FNE.

    This is the third Chinese production shot in the Czech Republic since 2014 after the romantic film Somewhere Only We Know (Beijing Kaila Pictures) by Xu Jinglei, with an attendance of more than 25 m, and Wen Muye’s Cities in Love (ARTOWN Entertainment Co), set to be released in China shortly. Milk &Honey Films was the line producer for all the three films. In Morning Paris! Prague will stand for Paris.

     Tomáš Svoboda also told FNE that the reason for the interest of the Chinese filmmakers to shoot in Czech Republic is not only their admiration for Prague and their appreciation of professional and creative Czech film crews“,but also the tax incentive programme of the Czech Cinematography Fund

    Production Information:
    Milk & Honey Films
    Josefská 6,
    Prague 1
    118 00 Czech Republic
    Phone: + 420 255 707 070
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