Highest Admissions in Czech Republic since 2010

    Life is Life by Milan Cieslar Life is Life by Milan Cieslar

    PRAGUE: Admissions in the Czech Republic in 2015 reached the highest point since 2010 with 13 m tickets sold, while domestic admissions dropped to under 20%.

    The most successful Czech film in 2015 was Life is Life by Milan Cieslar (produced by Flamesite) with 228,000 admissions, followed by Photographer by Irena Pavlaskova (produced by Cineart TV in coproduction with Eydelle Film and Czech Television ) and Dodgeball by Petr Nikolaev (produced by IN Film Praha in coproduction with RWE).

    CinemArt secured its place as leading distribution company with 38% market share, followed by Falcon, Forum Film and Bioscop/AQSioscop/AQS.

    The American animated movie Minions topped the charts with 830,000 admissions and 4 m EUR gross.

    Attendance in 2010 and 2014 was approximately 11.5 m.