FNE IDF DocBloc: A Strong East European Delegation Will Attend Nordisk Panorama


    In cooperation with Nordisk Panorama, the Institute of Documentary Film is organising numerous Eastern European delegations including a strong representation of Czech producers heading to this traditional Scandinavian festival of short and documentary films, taking place in Swedish Malmö from 18 to 20 September 2016.

    Among the members of the Eastern European delegation, there are for example Czech independent producers Vratislav Šlajer and Tereza Zemanová (Bionaut), Martin Jůza (KRUTART), Dagmar Sedláčková (MasterFilm), Pavel Strnad (Negativ), producer and director Radovan Síbrt (PINK Productions), Marek Novák (Xova Film) and producer and director David Čálek.

    Click HERE for more information regarding the members of the Eastern European delegation.