New Czech Regional Film Office

    New Czech Regional Film Office photo: City Archive of Usti nad Labem

    PRAGUE: The Bohemian region of Usti nad Labem is setting up a film office that will attract filmmakers to the area. Regional authorities also want to encourage the development of film tourism.

    "Our region is full of diversity and contrasts, where filmmakers find unique landscapes for almost any cinematic story - from the romantic backdrop of unspoiled nature of the National Park ‘Czech Switzerland’, the enchanting landscape of extinct volcanoes in Czech Central Highlands, the raw beauty of the Ore Mountains, the canyon of the largest Czech river Elbe, to the bizarre locations of lignite mines reminding of a lunar landscape. The region is full of historic sites - castles, folk and industrial architecture, which stand in contrast to decaying brownfields and endless housing estates“, says Barbora Hyšková, the head of the new office.

    There are already several film offices in the Czech Republic. Their main role is to help producers to navigate in the region, be a mediator with local institutions and location owners, recommend attractive locations, help negotiate conditions for filmmaking, get shooting permissions, etc.

    “More and more regions and cities aware of their potential for filmmaking are actively trying to lure filmmakers to use their locations and facilities. Czech Film Commission has for years supported and guided regions in their efforts to open up to film and to realise what they have to offer and how to convey and sell it," says Ludmila Claussová, Head of Czech Film Commission.

    Czech Film Commission encourages regions to long-term cooperation with filmmakers, organises various workshops and lectures for representatives of the regions with the aim to increase awareness of the benefits of shooting in the Czech regions. It also promotes filmmakers friendly regions, organises regular location tours to the regions where filmmakers and location scouts can get acquainted with interesting locations and people and get the necessary contacts.